Baby’s first boob tube

After reading reports from the Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe what babies need straight out of the womb isn’t so much a bottle or a blanket or a diaper—it’s their first remote control.

Consider that Sirius said it was working with Microsoft on a mobile video service and "expects to devote 2-3 channels of premium video content designed primarily for children." It plans to launch in 2006. XM, of course, is working on such a service too.

Now, I know lots of parents who talk about how the in-car DVD player has transformed their long car trips, but it’s still so depressing to think that we may raise an entire generation of children who will never learn the arm motion that makes truck drivers honk their horns or how to read a book in a car without getting carsick.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor