Axl Rose waits 13 years—to do a Harley ad

Guns N’ Roses fans are seething at the price they have to pay to hear the first new GnR song in more than a decade: watch a Harley-Davidson commercial. According to Giant magazine, the ad, called “Black Sheep,” was supposed to feature the song “Paradise City” at first, then be replaced by the new single “Better” when the song was officially released. But someone at Harley apparently pulled the trigger too quickly, and the “Better” version (above) appeared on Harley’s Web site, then on YouTube. (The Harley site has reverted to the “Paradise City” version, which you can see here, also on YouTube.) Giant quotes a fellow on a GnR message board who is clearly unhappy to have waited “13 goddamn fucking years for something new and now GnR has gone straight to fucking commercial.” But what’s the harm, really? The biggest problem might be that the “Paradise City” soundtrack is way better anyway. The new GnR album, Chinese Democracy, is reportedly due out sometime in November. Probably.

—Posted by Tim Nudd