Axe wearers go on auto-pilot with the ladies


Robots: They never rest in their fiendish quest for global domination. Sure, they seem helpful in this Axe/Lynx Twist spot by Ponce in Argentina (and The Perlorian Brothers) as they change loverboy's appearance during a date to keep blondie intrigued. (That's a nod to Twist's changing scents as the day wears on.) Well, those bots aren't doing Romeo any favors. The object of his desire looks awfully high-maintenance, probably wants a weekend place in the country with a yacht in the living room. And what are the robots doing to the guy's private parts? Tightening his nuts? Even if it's an enhancement, it's bound to hurt like hell in the morning. That's their idea of a joke, along with foisting cyborg rapper Drake on us. OK, Drake's either cyborg or Canadian. Same difference. Pure evil!

—Posted by David Gianatasio