Axe can help you fall in love, literally

It’s nice to know there’s a shower gel capable of inducing make-out sessions passionate enough to withstand a serious tumble down a hill. And that’s not even its most practical use. Judging by this new ad from Bartle Bogle Hegarty, if I ever fell off a cliff in the wake of a plummeting truck, I’d lose nothing but my shirt, thanks to Axe. I’d also feel no ill effects from rolling over an entire picnic’s worth of crockery. Take that, physics! (The guy in this Travelers spot should switch to Axe pronto.) I credit this phenomenon to Axe’s unique and appalling stench, the vaguest hint of which causes mass inertia in every molecule it contacts. As such, it moves unimpeded through spacetime, leaving no traces aside from that weird, antiseptic smell that never washes out of anything. Although it apparently removes tough stains.

—Posted by David Kiefaber