Australian Wine Uses Infographics as Its Bottle Labels

Educational packaging at its best

What a wonderful thing for all you data nerds out there: Between Five Bells, an Australian wine, had begun using infographics about its wine-making process as labels on its bottles. The first of many has just been unveiled. "If you take the 2010 Red label, you will see the central image as something alluring and interesting," BFB owner David Fesq writes. "This is actually all the data of the various grape varieties as they entered the winery and went through primary fermentation. There are eight axis at play, including the heat of the ferments, the time on skins and the ripeness of the grapes. These are all things I find interesting, and even for a casual drinker, with a little research, they can tell you a lot about the flavors to expect." More generally, he adds: "The labels on these wines should tell you something about the wine inside, be honest about it, and maybe even inspire a bit of wine research." The label was designed by Nicholas Feltron. The company plans to do infographics on all of its bottles from now on. Up next: a completely different infographic on its 2011 rosé. More images after the jump. Via PSFK.