Australian Bus-Stop Ad Dispenses Sunscreen to Beachgoers

Now that scientists better understand what horrors the fiery death star we call the sun can enact on our skin, it's crucial to convey those dangers to a population that routinely exposes itself in broad daylight. This sunscreen-dispensing billboard by Cooch Creative for Sun Smart Cancer Council Western Australia seeks to do just that, reminding careless youth near two popular beaches in Perth to slather the stuff on. The sunscreen is dispensed out of a little cut-out in an area of skin marked for cancer removal, and little icons at the bottom suggest that you protect yourself in five ways—shirts, sunscreen, hats, atom bombs (oh sorry, possibly trees), and sunglasses. Recently, the U.S. government has set new labeling requirements for sunscreen brands to help avoid some of the confusion behind the marketing, which makes me wonder what they mean by "30+ sunscreen." I mean, is it even broad-spectrum? Still, billboards that dispense things are awesome. And how else besides talking about the dangers of skin cancer are you going to get half-naked youth to rub each other with lotion? That's a hard sell right there. Larger image after the jump. Via Best Ads on TV.