Australia urges drivers not to be ‘dickheads’

Victoria, Australia, has launched the oddest safe-driving campaign of the year—doing away with the blood and guts and offering instead some offbeat humor and a refreshingly on-point tagline: "Don't be a dickhead." A bunch of online spots (three posted below, six more after the jump) warn you about the weird, unforeseen consequences of driving like a dickhead. Among them: Ginger-haired angels will get their wings; Twitter and Facebook will be turned off; and you risk living the rest of your life with a giant pole sticking out of your stomach. A couple of the ads also imagine what would happen if surgeons and air-traffic controllers talked on the phone while working—like you do while driving. Naturally, the campaign is already drawing criticism. The hope, obviously, is that young people will connect with this comical stuff more than the gory stuff. At the very least, they're probably more likely to spend time with this campaign, and not feel like they're being preached to. Via Jalopnik.

—Posted by Tim Nudd