Is the Red M&M a Bully?

Final answer: No, he's just funny

As if our friends in Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau didn't have enough inane projects, they just wasted two months examining the social interactions of talking M&Ms in commercials. Some viewers complained that the Red M&M encouraged childhood bullying by berating his multicolored costars in some recent ads. (Red has always been the arrogant one. Even his official bio admits: "He's been telling people what to do his whole life.") "Children will see this as a normal way of life as the M&Ms portray to them those they mix with at school," said one complainant. This is from the same population that thinks Boost bars are "naked" when their wrappers are removed. Well, the final decision has come down—and the M&Ms complaints have been dismissed. The board decided the ads are "humorous rather than bullying." How about that. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.