Austin Bar Makes Amends After Putting Out the Year’s Worst Sidewalk Sign

Employee fired, cash raised

There are awesome chalkboard sidewalk signs, and there are less awesome chalkboard sidewalk signs. Minibar, a bar in Austin, Texas, recently put out a less awesome chalkboard sidewalk sign—and then scrambled to contain the damage.

The sign above would be bad enough at any time of year, but particularly so in October, which is domestic violence awareness month. (Also, sorry, but Heineken is an import.) An Austin resident who works at a women's shelter in town posted a photo of the sign on Instagram and Facebook, and it was soon picked up nationally.

The bar moved quickly to atone for the offense, firing the person responsible and pledging to donate $1 of every domestic beer sold this month to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. (Check out the Facebook comments for proof of how welcome this kind of swift, decisive action can be among consumers.) Might be time for copywriting lessons, too.