Aussies go bananas for condom campaign


Sometimes, a banana is just a banana. For the AIDS Council of New South Wales in Australia, however, it's the centerpiece of a safe-sex campaign encouraging gay men to "go bananas for condoms." International sportswear label teamm8 is the launch partner for the effort, which uses the tagline, "Slip it on." I think there's a double meaning there. Wait … nah, I don't get it. Contrast this with recent similarly themed campaigns: the cell phones wrapped in condoms from the U.S. ("Practice safe text!") and that "quickies" blitz from Switzerland ("Too quick to think of condoms?"). Those had their charms, but the goofy Warhol-esque imagery and double-entendre-laden copy in the Aussie push seem especially good-humored and self-aware. Anyone who takes offense or disagrees with the bananas approach can split. Via The Inspiration Room.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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