Aussie telecom communing with the whales

Why do some folks feel such kinship with whales? They're big, smelly fish that would devour us all if they could. Yes, technically they're mammals, but that always seemed pretty fishy to me. They don't walk upright or smoke cigarettes, they can't be mammals. This spot by M&C Saatchi for Australian telecom Optus, with classical musicians on a raft jammin' along with the whales down below, is visually impressive—perhaps even stirring for some. Still, I assume at some point the human cast was swallowed whole by their caterwauling co-stars. Have you seen these people in anything else lately? The line at the end is, "When it comes to communication, anything is possible." Is it possible for the blubbery bigmouths to shut up? Their screeching always sets my nerves on edge. I prefer lobsters. With drawn butter on the side. They're quiet and delicious.
—Posted by David Gianatasio