Aussie PM gets stick for anti-drinking ads

"It’s a bit rich for a man who got famously stonkered at a lap-dancing club in New York five years ago to be lecturing the rest of us on binge drinking," columnist Miranda Devine writes in the Sydney Morning Herald of Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd’s $50 million multimedia campaign to combat excessive teenage drinking. Rudd partied at Scores back in 2003. He claimed it was only the second time he’d gotten drunk—his lapdance count to that point remains unknown. New York Post editor Col Allan, an Aussie, took him to the club, so I suppose the media’s to blame. According to the AP, former Aussie PM Bob Hawke once held a Guinness record for “speed beer drinking during his days as a Rhodes scholar.” (It’s unclear if he drank Guinness to set the mark.) Here’s Monty Python’s timeless “Bruces” sketch, which puts the entire suds-soaked continent into perspective.

—Posted by David Gianatasio