Aussie cancer PSA shows attack on Sydney


The Gut Foundation and Sydney ad agency Banjo go the high-risk route in this Australian bowel-cancer PSA, using 9/11-type imagery to make an impact. The voiceover says: "If 12 Australians were killed by terrorists, it would be front-page news. Yet 12 Australian men and women die from bowel cancer every single day. That's more than breast cancer, but no one wants to talk about it." As we've said before, exploiting one tragedy to try and prevent another is a pretty questionable marketing strategy. But if nothing else, the foundation is true to its name: Trying this approach took some guts. And famed Aussie adman John Singleton, who's behind the initiative, is giving media quotes to match. "There's no point in being a soft cock about it, you've got to make an impact," he tells Mumbrella.

—Posted by David Gianatasio