Audi’s vision of progress not great for dogs

This new Audi ad from Venables, Bell & Partners claims that "progress is beautiful." As evidence, it shows a living room being renovated over time from old and stodgy to modern and snazzy—and the old car in the driveway being likewise replaced by a shiny new Quattro. Which all seems great, unless you’re a dog. The first dog we see vanishes into thin air a mere 12 seconds into the ad, and is replaced by a second dog. The first one has apparently either died during the extensive (and time-consuming) home improvement, or the owners have just "progressed" to a better dog. Then, after another turn of the room, the camera finds the second dog again, who humorously scurries out of sight, lest he suffer the same fate as the first one. The agency people probably got a laugh out of all this, but their best friends might not see the humor in it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd