Attack of the ‘40 Year-Old Virgin’

Suddenly, ads for The 40 Year-Old Virgin are everywhere, at least in New York—they’re on every other bus stop and phone kiosk, even plastered across a billboard on the West Side Highway. To convey the title character’s geekiness, they use the same yearbook-photo method that Altoids employed a few years ago for Altoids Sours. The plot of the movie, which comes out Aug. 19, couldn’t be more obvious: 40-year-old guy has never had sex; guy’s friends find out about this; wacky hijinks ensue. The trailer is actually kind of funny, and the script for it—“a movie that will touch you like you’ve never been touched before”—must have written itself. We’ll let you decide whether or not the film is part of a larger “pop culture popularity surge” for virginity.

—Posted by Tim Nudd