The AT&T Kids Have a Very Odd Plan for Thanksgiving Dinner

An unlikely guest of honor

Kids still say the darndest things. AT&T and BBDO New York keep up their rich tradition of child-centric, ad-lib style spots (they are lightly scripted but most quickly become improvised) with this Thanksgiving gem.

Even granting the it's-so-easy-kids-can-get-it premise, Beck Bennett's opening question this time—"What's better: better or not better?"—is a little too obvious (or maybe just dumb) to elicit much more than an annoyed twitch. But what follows—the idea of bringing a pet turkey to T-Day dinner—is plenty entertaining, if arguably low-hanging fruit as well.

Regardless, the kid is right: A live turkey would be a way less boring Thanksgiving guest than a dead one. Nobody really likes to eat the bird anyway.