AT&T Fools Cute and Gullible Animals With the Samsung Infuse

Following up on the amusing Samsung Infuse 4G ad in which the handset proves so realistic that it gets clobbered by a shoe, AT&T and BBDO New York have released a series of screen-test videos in which cute, dumb animals are fooled into thinking the images on the Infuse are real. (One ad below, two more after the jump.) An adorable kitten chases a ball of yarn it can never catch. A sad frog tries to climb onto a non-existent leaf. And in an unexpected twist of magical realism, a betta fish swims directly into the phone itself. OK, so animals are dumb and easily tricked by almost any electronic device, even those with less-than-realistic color displays. And I don't understand the fish execution at all. But if there's one thing I know it's the Internet, and that kitten is going to be a hit!