Aston Martin Spec Spot Is Dreaming Its Life Away

Vrooom! This effects-powered spec ad for the Aston Martin AM V12 Vantage, by Gentleman Scholar, puts the mood in moody. It's called "Reverie," and it makes me want to slide behind the wheel 'round midnight, head out to the highway and … I dunno … ponder some shit, I guess. Yeah, heavy thinking about life and what it all means, as pinpricks of light from stars and street lamps glide by like the thoughts cascading through my mind. This is one intense ride. Makes me wanna smoke lots of cigarettes and really stink up the car—an intense hyper-stink that sinks deep into the upholstery, like the deep thoughts stinking up my brain. Makes me wanna pick up that dangerous-looking woman standing on the corner up there. Nah, she'd just complain about those "Got Milk" ads. They've been pulled. They're old news, baby! Hmm, I wonder how many people could cram inside the Vantage if you were trying to set a world record? Probably 20 … 25, tops. Would they all get out alive? If not, does it violate my lease agreement on the car? Sorry … I got caught up in my reverie. My point is, this spec spot is a noir drive to nowhere. Nice scenery rushing past outside the windows, though!