The asterisk enjoys its moment in the sun

Few punctuations marks are enjoying as much play this month as the asterisk. This is thanks to Barry Bonds, of course, whose detractors have embraced the six-pronged star (or as Deadspin eloquently calls it, “Shift-8, bitches!”) as a running sight gag at San Francisco Giants games to taunt Bonds, whose eventual home-run record, they believe, should be qualified with a footnote. Last night, a minor-league affiliate of the Washington Nationals took it a step further, holding Asterisk Night, which included hot dogs priced at $7.56 (matching the number Bonds needs to claim the record), which were then discounted to $3. Non-baseball marketers are trying to get in on the Bonds story, too. TDA Advertising & Design in Boulder created this full page ad for a Colorado restaurant chain this week, congratulating Hank Aaron on his 755 homers. Better 31 years late than never.

—Posted by Tim Nudd