Ass-Backwards Starburst Dog Isn’t Really a Contradiction

This is probably nitpicking, but what is Starburst's definition of a contradiction? The candy brand's whole current campaign is based around the word. In earlier ads from TBWA\Chiat\Day, Scottish Koreans, the walking dead and slow getaway-car drivers were deemed to be contradictions (much like the candy, which is solid, yet juicy like a liquid). Those characters, at least, had attributes that might be considered opposites. Now, we get this new spot with a dog who likes to hang his ass out a car window—and he's called a contradiction. Isn't he really just a dog with an unusual preference? The guys in the car later refer to him as "weird" and an "innovator," so maybe they're torn as well. Can we get a language nerd to weigh in on this? See the earlier spots after the jump.