Aspirin maker has new theory on dinosaurs

Scientific claims don't get much more dodgy than this. A new print campaign from Graffiti BBDO in Romania for an aspirin product says the dinosaurs were killed off by the common cold. See a larger version of this ad here, and one more here. I thought the dinosaurs perished because of a meteor strike or something. Maybe the point is that their giant medicine cabinets indeed weren't stocked properly to deal with the chill brought on by plummeting global temperatures. Whatever the case, why listen to acknowledged scientific authorities on this subject when cold-medicine ads have all the answers? The campaign also raises the issue of dinosaurs as pets. Sure, they're cute when they're small, but those little raptors will tear your face off someday. Has no one seen Jurassic Park? Did you catch the name on the bowl in that second ad? "Rex." Classic. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio