Asleep at the wheel? Sometimes that’s OK.

Spend a little time at the ANA conference, and you’ll get the feeling that many clients think their agencies are asleep on the job. There might be something to that. Tucked away in a pretty mundane Business 2.0 story about the $20 billion sleep industry (“Sleep is the new sex,” in case you were wondering) is this tidbit: The New York office of StrawberryFrog, the ad agency, has placed an order for a futuristic sleep contraption made by an outfit called MetroNaps. This is no 1-800-Mattress setup; the MetroNaps sleeping pod costs $6,950, though the company does lease them. The product specs make it sound very enticing for the weary StrawberryFrog creative: “The mechanical processes of the MetroNaps pod facilitate powernaps. At the timer’s expiration, a programmable logic controller orchestrates a gentle waking with a combination of lights and vibration.” An interesting alternative to actually going home for the night. A StrawberryFrog rep said the agency expects to take delivery of the snooze pod this week.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey