AshleyMadison's Dumbest Ad Yet Stars Kim Jong Un

Billboard goes up in L.A.

Not content with ruining marriages on the East Coast, adultery website is expanding into Los Angeles with a billboard near the airport that features a picture of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, alongside the headline, "Affairs now guaranteed. Even if you look like him." Like what, an Asian guy? Nice. Have fun settling that out of court. The ad refers to the recent surprise news that Kim is married, and is a cheap shot at a guy who, whatever any other issues he may have, isn't nearly as goofy looking as his dad was. A press release from the company reads: "CEO Noel Biderman thought it was the perfect time to welcome the monochromatically dressed dictator to the world of wedded bliss. 'Whether you're the most powerful man in America, France, Italy or North Korea—you are destined to cheat. With 15 million members in 25 countries, even Kim Jung Un can find an affair on,' brags Biderman." Can someone please put up a billboard making fun of this guy Biderman? This ad is even meaner than last year's "Faithful Republican … Unfaithful husband" Newt Gingrich ad, and at least that one was true.