Asheville says a 2-day workweek is plenty

Fiveday Marge: “Homer, your work called. They said if you don’t come to work tomorrow you shouldn’t bother coming in on Monday.” Homer: “Woo-hoo! Three-day weekend!” Overworked and/or lazy Americans do love their days off, but isn’t there more to life than the three-day weekend? Actually, there is—the five-day weekend. Instituting that impossible dream nationwide is the goal of a group called Friends of the Five Day Weekend, who point out that Congress only averaged a two-day workweek last year, so why shouldn’t we all? (They also have a MySpace page.) It sounds like a noble idea—though actually it’s a tourism campaign by Luckie & Company, designed to get you to visit Asheville, N.C., preferably for five days at a time. But maybe the two-day workweek isn’t worth it anyway—not when you can have the four-hour workweek.

—Posted by Tim Nudd