Artist Vows to Draw All New Twitter Followers

@GregBurney sets sketch deadline of Nov. 14

Looking to satisfy your mild narcissism and your desire to be a patron of the arts? Then you'll want to head over to Twitter and follow British artist Greg Burney. He has promised to sketch every new follower he receives before Nov. 14. (See update below.) Burney began with 70 followers and saw his audience explode to 700 within two days, thanks to a retweet from legendary typographer Erik Spiekermann (whom you might have seen in the font documentary Helvetica). As I write this, Burney is at 843 followers, and I'm sure that's just the start.

In an interview with the guys at Genius Rocket, Burney says his Twitter project, called #drawmyfollowers, evolved from his previous project, Drawing Chat Roulette. Sketching an unknown quantity of Twitter followers is a far more difficult task to predict or potentially manage, but the good news is that if it really grows out of control, he'll at least have the benefit of free publicity.

"I aim to complete this as soon as possible and—once finished—hope it will provide me with some opportunities in the world of social media," said Burney. "Perhaps even career opportunities in social media, graphic design or branding, who knows."

UPDATE: Today's influx of 2,000+ new followers has led Burney to put a cap at 3,000 drawings. Congrats to all our fast-acting readers who got in before the cutoff. When you get a pic from him, be sure to share a link with us on Twitter.

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