Art Director’s Portfolio in a Bottle Gets Him Off Desert Island and Into an Agency Job

Castaway no more

To stand out in the piles of applications DDB Istanbul received when it was looking for an art director, Canhür Aktuglu sent out an SOS and presented his portfolio as a message in a bottle. They hired him, so obviously they like the Police as much as he does.

"After that my life changed and it was guaranteed no more boring!" he writes on Behance.

The idea was a clever one, and well executed. The cover letter was sealed inside an empty glass bottle, while his résumé and portfolio were stored on a USB stick in the bottle's cork.

DDB Istanbul had better make good use of Aktuglu while he's there. On Behance, he also mentions that he wants to see kangaroos and go surfing—and might look into approaching DDB Sydney next. He could even use the same bottle.

Via Design Taxi.