Art Director Casts Herself as the Perfect Roommate in Clever, Sneaky, Perfect Craigslist Ad

Lauren Fahey finds a home

Is there anything even a mildly creative Craigslist ad can't sell?

Lauren Fahey is the latest person to spend more than three minutes crafting a Craigslist pitch, and is enjoying typically stellar results. After looking fruitlessly for a place to live in San Francisco, Fahey—an art director for a social-media company—designed an ad pitching herself as the perfect roommate. Posted to Craigslist, the ad is clever, almost sneaky, in the way it characterizes its subject. It features a pic of the super-cool Fahey in sunglasses, arms to the sky, as she carpe diems near the Golden Gate Bridge. It also includes quotes from Fahey's real-life friends back east, and they're almost too good to be true—wisely portraying the 28-year-old as fun-loving, outgoing and quirky, but in each case, not overly so.

"Lauren is a housewife trapped in a hipster's body… She knows how to seriously cook, clean and party," says a typical quote, from "Heather." The other friendship testimonials likewise play up Lauren's cleaning skills and ability to miraculously sense exactly when you want to hang out, and exactly when you need your space.

Fahey tells Good Morning America that she got 100 replies within the first few days of posting the ad, and is now happily living with two other women, who must feel like they've won the Lauren lottery. (Hopefully one of them is a copywriter who can help Fahey with her apostrophes, which are sometimes lacking.)

"The market here is so difficult," Fahey says of the Bay Area. "I really think you have to do something like this to even get anywhere. The other day I saw someone had posted a spot on their couch for $1,700 … to sleep on their couch in a studio. It's ridiculous."

See the full ad below.

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