Are these the best band logos in history?

Vanhalen What Spinner‘s list of the most effective band logos doesn’t document that well is that a good band logo should be something simple as well as eye-catching. The Ramones logo, synonymous as it is with the band, isn’t as effective as the Black Flag logo because 8th graders can’t draw it all over their notebooks when they’re bored in math class. Kiss had a good logo for that, too, as did Van Halen. And so did Prince, although using it in place of his name was a bit much. Even more surprising than the inclusion of mediocre fare like the Beatles logo (their name) and Yes’s logo (their name in a puffy, illegible font) were the omissions, like the famous Dead Kennedys insignia or the eternally awesome Flipper fish. Via American Copywriter.

—Posted by David Kiefaber