Are Ranjit and Chad endearing or offensive?

Texas-based Metro PCS continues to roll out its "Tech and Talk with Ranjit and Chad" campaign, despite complaints that the ads are offensive to the Indian community. Bob Fant, vice president of advertising and brand development for Metro PCS, admits there's been some negative response since the ads first debuted during the Super Bowl. But he insists that "Ranjit and Chad are meant to be viewed as endearing, smart tech experts who are knowledgeable about everything wireless." (You can see all the spots after the jump.) In the campaign's defense, it did go with the non-stereotypical name Chad, and it does make fun of dorky white guys too. But it's hard to argue the ads defy stereotypes, when they constantly make references to cobras, donkeys and livestock. So what do you think? Are Ranjit and Chad "endearing, smart tech experts," or is this good old-fashioned racist typecasting?

Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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