Are Original Ideas Possible Anymore? This Video Makes Sense of the Creative Process

Andrew Vucko on the new and the borrowed

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

We live on a saturated planet. At times it seems there's no room for originality. Ideas churn at breakneck speed, from the physical to the virtual world, and the world inside our heads. And in our litigious society, we worry more than ever about being indebted to others.

The video below challenges the notion that all good ideas are taken by stitching together moving graphics and inspirational quotes from such famous creative minds as Jim Jarmusch, Jean-Luc Godard, Roman Krznaric, Dieter Rams, Woodrow Wilson, Pablo Picasso and Maria Popova.

"Originality comes from making connections—seeing patterns where others see chaos, and taking old ideas and elevating them to new perspectives," says one quote, among many that pepper the short film.

Director Andrew Vucko spoke to about his inspiration for the video. "For a long time, I wanted to develop a piece that I could fully immerse myself in, but I had trouble finding a unique enough idea that I could commit to," he says. "There were so many different styles and avenues I was inspired by that it became really difficult to choose one specific direction."

He adds: "Eventually, I took a step back and chose to build something on the very topic that was plaguing me—the theme of originality. From there, I searched for references and inspiration, coming across all of these interesting quotes on the subject. While at first each quote felt like a separate idea, as I continued to read, I realized that they could be combined into a single narrative."

What's your take? How do you balance being original with being inspired?


Direction, Design, Animation: Andrew Vucko

Sound Design, Music : CypherAudio

Production, Direction, Mix : John Black

Composers: Tobias Norberg, John Black

Sound Design: Jeff Moberg, John Black

Voiceover: Chris Kalhoon

Thank you: Ryan Dadoun, Nicolas Girard, Luis Campos, Chris Bahry

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@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.