Are Canadians getting enough sex?

Are Canadian creatives (or maybe Canadians in general) really horny? That’s one conclusion you could draw not only from Montreal tourism campaign we wrote about last April but also this new one, promoting Toronto, that’s running in alternative weeklies in U.S. cities within a driving distance. (Click the image to enlarge—the copy up top reads, “No thanks. I’m married.”) The Toronto campaign, created by DraftFCB (hey, no surprise there), has been controversial, at least among those people who don’t make up its target. Says this story in the Globe and Mail (which, as one blog points out, doesn’t interview any Americans in the story), “they have provoked homegrown descriptions from ineffectual to ‘ridiculous’ to ‘deplorable,’ due partly to some confusion over their message.”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor