‘Aqua Teen Terrorist’ tries to stay relevant

Has it really been a year since Boston was held in the grip of terror by an ad campaign for Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Some of the technology used in an outdoor promotion sparked a citywide bomb scare. Ah, memories. One of the “artists” who worked on the stunt, Peter Berdovsky (the guy with the dreads in the photo), “has embraced the notoriety he’s gained,” according to the Associated Press. “He’s incorporating it into his art and trying to use it to make a buck.” Berdovsky, aka “Zebbler,” sells prints of the hospital mural he and collaborator Sean Stevens (the guy on the left) painted as part of their community service. Ah, capitalism. Berdovsky calls himself the “Aqua Teen Terrorist,” adding, “I view media attention as useful to my potential success as an artist. Any exposure is good for me.” Sure, the media are playing into this genius’s hands with our continued coverage, but how else can Zebbler and the “Don’t Tase me” guy keep their 15 minutes ticking? (And that’s just their fame ticking, not a bomb. So relax, Boston.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio