Apple’s New iPhone Ad Shows You More Incredible Ways You’ll Never Use Your iPhone

But you can dream

Apple's new ad for the iPhone 5S is called "Dreams," though it might have been called "In Your Dreams."

Like other recent iPhone spots (and iPad spots, for that matter), it shows people using the device in pretty amazing ways—to measure wind speed, to plot the course of an airplane, to place a diamond in the setting of a ring. At the 37-second mark, a woman places her iPhone against the rib cage of a horse (they don't even bother to explain it, really—all you need to know is the iPhone is horse compatible), and it hits you. You'll never use your iPhone for any of this stuff (well, OK, the audio translation app looks pretty rad).

Is an advertisement aspirational when you don't necessarily aspire to many of the behaviors it depicts? It's a key question for Apple, which is riding that line between rarefied and relatable in its marketing.

The iPhone looks most impressive, of course, when it's being used by exceptional people doing exceptional things. But the spots may connect better when they show ordinary people doing ordinary things. (There's a reason why last winter's "Misunderstood" ad, showing a kid doing little more than taking video with his iPhone, was so hugely popular.) It's a tough balance. How esoteric do you want to get before going full horse heartbeat?

"You're more powerful than you think," the new ads say. That line casts the Apple user as a kind of superhero in disguise, thanks to the supercomputer (and the apps written for it) in his pocket. And that's fine, as long as Apple keeps acknowledging, in its ads, the countervailing truth—that we're ordinary people, too.

Credits below.


Client: Apple

Spot: "Dreams"

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Creative Director: Chuck Monn, Charles Hodges

Creative: Helena Skonieczny, Holly Hessler

Producer: Amanda Weiss

Jr. Producer: Chelsea Larner

Assistant Producer: Ricara Stokes

Account team: Todd Douglas Hind, Charlene Mae Sitchon, Min Jie Yang

Planner: Joshua Allen Joseph

Production Company: Park Pictures

EPs: Jackie Kelman Bisbee & Mary Ann Marino

Director: Vincent Haycock

Producers: Pete Vitale and Valerie Romer

DPs: Linus Sandgren , Mattias Montero

Production Designers: Chris Jones, Jason Hamilton

Costume Designers: Lydia Paddon , Christina Blackaller

Editorial: Nomad Editorial

Editors: Jared Collier, Kevin Clark

Song: "When I Grow Up" by Jennifer O'Connor

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