Apple’s Latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ Outdoor Ads Capture One Night, Around the World

More alluring images, this time in low light

Apple is continuing to celebrate the low-light camera on the hotcakes iPhone 7, this time with a dramatic, globe-spanning collection of photos shot in a single night.

The tech brand dispatched photographers to chronicle Nov. 5, 2016, after dark. They went to the far corners of the earth to capture the sights—lava pits in Indonesia, arctic caves in Iceland, offbeat characters on the streets of Shanghai and Johannesburg.

The results are generally gorgeous, and of course, widely varied. Some of them will appear on billboards in 25 countries, more in a noir video (above) mixing time lapse with snapshots and film, set to a mellow yet lively jazz trio. Overall, they make for a fresh twist on a familiar pitch.

See some of the billboards below.

Zurich, Switzerland:

Milan, Italy:

Tokyo, Japan:

Bangkok, Thailand:

London, England:

London, England:

Apple won top accolades for earlier iterations of its “Shot on iPhone” billboard campaign for the iPhone 6. A more narrative spot last year, meanwhile—the first big one for the iPhone 7—showcased the low-light camera emphasized here.

It’s a smart strategy, continuing to emphasize a product benefit that’s easy to lust after—millennials are, after all, famously obsessed with chasing diverse experiences, and documenting them with photos. They also stay up late.

A recent spot for the iPhone 7 Plus emphasized that model’s dual-camera Portrait mode, through the lens of a young woman visiting a seaside Greek town. While that leaned into lighthearted daylight humor, this favors the mysterious allure of the nocturnal—promising a richer trove of hidden treasures and the subtle thrill of a grittier reality, because whoever said nothing good ever happens after midnight just didn’t know what they were missing.

And you probably won’t, either, if you try to shoot your witching-hour adventures on that obsolete iPhone 6S—because pictures or it didn’t happen.

Here are more of the photos from the campaign:

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