Apple/Lugz flap gathering momentum

Applelugz_1The Apple/Lugz controversy, first reported here on AdFreak a week ago, continues to grow. The New York Post ran a second story about it yesterday (although, sadly, it refers to us as “”), and Stuart Elliott devotes a column to it this morning in The New York Times. “In the last week, the bloggers have posted scores of comments describing and decrying what they have deemed to be far too many similarities between the Apple commercial, created by the longtime Apple agency, TBWA\Chiat\Day, and a spot produced three years ago by another agency, which was selling the Lugz brand of boots,” Elliott writes. The piece includes a quote from Saatchi & Saatchi’s Tony Granger, who says he “didn’t think it was an issue” and that “everything is inspired by something.” Which still seems to us a lazy excuse when two ads are so similar. [UPDATE: Now Lugz has issued a press release about the whole affair. Though it doesn’t break new ground, it’s fun reading if you’ve been following the story. We found it posted at BusinessWeek’s Brand New Day.]

—Posted by Tim Nudd