Applebee’s commercial stirs up hateful, even homicidal feelings

ApplebeesOne thing about March Madness, if you’re into that sort of thing, is that you end up watching hour after hour after hour of games. Which means you watch hour after hour after hour of commercials, and you get to know each one by heart. Almost no commercial can stand up to this sort of scrutiny—you’ll get tired of anything after the 300th viewing. But it takes a special ad to rise above the pack and become the most-hated ad of the tournament. This year, that ad is from Applebee’s—the one with the two idiots playing the Gilligan’s Island spoof song to sell something called Shrimp Sensations. (Click on the shrimp photo after the link to see it.) “These commercials made us—and pretty much everyone we know—want to murder everyone in sight,” says Deadspin. Adds Dispatches From Nowhere in Particular: The ads are “our punishment for the bad things we do as a society and as a human race. … It’s a neverending circle of hellfire and insanity.” I agree that this ad is pretty wretched. The song is stupid and annoying. Every facial expression is ludicrously joyous. Plus, I can’t stand seeing these guys play music in waist-deep water. That’s just not good for an instrument.

—Posted by Tim Nudd