Apple Is Using Real iPhone Footage to Put Moms in the Spotlight for Mother’s Day

Time to start scrolling your camera roll

Apple's new Mother's Day video might be a week early, but there really isn't a bad time to tell your mom you love her, right? Right. Also, the way Apple sees it, there isn't a bad time to show off the clarity of the iPhone's camera, either.

Every piece of footage in this video, which features moms and their kids from all over the world, was taken with an iPhone. It's a hook that Apple has used before, of course—notably in its World Gallery outdoor campaign, which featured photos taken only on iPhone. 

The photos, to be fair, reek of professional setups (or unbelievable luck, in the case of the outdoor shots), but the videos are really cute. Plus, there's something about seeing a mom give her baby a kitchen-sink bath that will always be endearing. 

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