Apple unveils new silhouette ads

For now even Apple is still doing commercials, and so, among Jobs’ myriad announcements yesterday is that the company (with TBWAChiatDay, which received no mention during the press conference) also changed the iPod silhouette ads. During the press conference, he showed a silhouette commercial featuring Eminem and “Lose Yourself” done in fiery yellows and oranges; the new look can best be described as silhouette-ad-meets-Jackson-Pollock, since the colors come from great splotches of paint, that at the end drip down the “canvas” that says “iPod + iTunes.” The ad was way cool (but, hey, we’d like a toilet-bowl cleaner ad if it used “Lose Yourself”). But on reflection, what made the original ads so powerful was the boldness and clarity of the color contrasted with the black and white. These new ads, which Jobs said took at least two years to conceive, look, by contrast, sort of muddy. We don’t think the commercial is available for stand-alone streaming yet at, but you can see it if you go to the Jobs Webcast here and land at about 31:30 in the press conference. Enjoy.