Apple unveils new Mac spots, or ‘Dude, PCs are so uncool’

In a move destined to inflame beleaguered PC users everywhere, Apple has posted six new spots advertising the Mac on its home page. First, a quiz: Which of the two gentlemen shown here is the human representation of the Mac, and which one represents the PC? Now that you’ve successfully completed that mental challenge, I’ll talk about what is good about these commercials: that by using people to depict computers, the campaign does the obvious—it humanizes the pros and cons of Mac vs. PC. This frame, for example, is from the spot “Viruses,” which accurately portrays the sad truth that PCs are often beset by them, while Macs are not. What’s irksome, though, is the not-so-subtle putdown of anyone who uses a PC—it basically says that PC users are hopeless dweebs for shelling out four figures on something other than a Mac, all of which makes me want to rally the PC troops. Let’s create an anti-Mac movement! Start printing T-shirts and bumper stickers! Yes, I am a PC user, a path I started down when I suffered an arm injury and depended on voice software to work. No such software existed for the Mac. (BTW, is it any coincidence that one of these two guys looks sorta/kinda like Bill Gates, and the other one looks like a distant hipster relative of Steve Jobs?)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor