Apple Stays Muted in Latest ‘Every Day’ Ad, for FaceTime

Better than brand's 'designed by' work, though

Add FaceTime video chat to the list of features covered by Apple and TBWA\Media Arts Lab in their "Every Day" spots for the iPhone 5. This new clip is similar in execution to earlier series entries about the device's music and photo functions, with copious product-use shots and a subdued, moody score setting the tone. (Nokia had the cheek to parody "Photos Every Day," and fairly effectively, though when rivals choose to define themselves in relation to Apple, it says more about the latter's enduring brand equity and continued presence of mind among consumers than anything else.) These "Every Day" ads do a fine job of showing us the role iPhone technologies play in people's lives, and they resonate better than the client's widely panned "Designed by Apple" campaign, which spends too much time telling us about the company's mind-set and philosophy. The human interface, after all, is where technology truly comes alive, and in its most successful advertising, Apple taps into that connection to reveal the soul of its machines.