Apple’s classic 39-page Macintosh ad

Macintosh_2In late 1984, right after the presidential election, Apple bought all of the ad pages in a single issue of Newsweek and ran a splashy 39-page Macintosh advertisement by Chiat/Day, with most of the creative work done by Penny Kapousouz and Steve Rabosky. GUIdebook has the entire ad section posted online, with screen grabs and transcribed copy, and it’s a great period piece. The section opens with this text: “Last Tuesday, several million of you demonstrated the principle of democracy as it applies to politics. One person, one vote. Throughout this magazine, we’re going to demonstrate the principle of democracy as it applies to technology. One person, one computer.” For the story behind the ad section, check out this piece from The New York Times.

—Posted by Tim Nudd