Apple ‘inspired’ by another unhappy artist

A word of advice: If Apple asks about using your art, you might as well say yes. Because the iJuggernaut stops for no one. This week, it came out that photographer Louis Psihoyos is suing the computer giant for allegedly swiping his wall-of-screens shot to promote Apple TV. (That’s Psihoyos’s shot on the left and part of the Apple TV intro video on the right.) So how do we know they didn’t crib it from The Matrix Reloaded? Because Psihoyos says Apple negotiated with him for the rights, then backed out, but used the images anyway. Not to take sides, but Apple has a bit of a track record. First, we busted them for re-creating a Lugz shoes spot. Then there was the shot-for-shot remake of a Postal Service video and the Oscars iPhone ad. Obviously, this is all putting a big hurt on Apple. Via Engadget.

—Posted by David Griner