Apple Arcade’s Upbeat Ad Animates a Bored Mom’s Parked Car

The subscription service adds 20 titles, including an exclusive Ninja Turtles games

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Apple’s video game subscription service, Apple Arcade, is promoting its ability to bring fun to even the most mundane situations.

Its latest ad coincides with the platform’s May 4 launch of 20 new titles.

Set to Kullah’s “Let’s Play,” the 30-second spot shows a bored mom sitting in her SUV in an elementary school parking lot. She picks up her iPhone and uses Apple Arcade to become immersed in a series of games.

Raphael from Paramount Global’s new TMNT Splintered Fate, which is available exclusively on Apple Arcade, appears in the driver’s seat holding a slice of pizza. Red from Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds hops around her car, and a dinosaur pokes its head out from the backseat.

As a security guard walks by, her whole vehicle becomes animated in the style of Triband’s new game What the Car? The characters then jump back into her phone as her kid arrives, and they drive off.

“Apple Arcade brings together hundreds of fun titles in one gaming destination for our users to discover and enjoy,” senior director of Apple Arcade Alex Rofman said in a statement. “Today’s launch boosts our award-winning catalog with 20 new games people will love playing and sharing with their friends and families.”

Apple Arcade also held a demo for TMNT Splintered Fate at its Fifth Avenue New York store May 6, including a Q&A with the developers.

“Apple has been a great partner for us since the debut of Apple Arcade, with SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit being one of the first titles available, and it continues to perform extremely well since its launch in 2020,” Paramount Global’s senior vice president of games and emerging media Doug Rosen said in a statement. “We love the Arcade model because it provides us with a great opportunity to build unique games, specifically for this audience.”