App Tells You Which Facebook Friend Will Give You the Flu

More mischief from Help Remedies

App-choo! Boutique OTC pharma company Help Remedies and production house Tool of North America present a tongue-in-cheek Facebook app called "Help, I have the flu" that lets users figure out which of their friends infected them with the bug—or are most likely to do so. Analyzing keywords, posting patterns and such, the app pulled up three results for me, giving a single reason why each of my Facebook friends was selected. The top person apparently used the word "doctor" in a post, while another has a penchant for "multiple late-night posts." The third, coincidentally the editor of this very blog, made the list because he mentioned "party" in a recent update. So … there was a party and I wasn't invited? That makes me sick … sick in my heart. Check out some of Help Remedies' previous inventive, borderline subversive promotional efforts. Now that's some sick creative.