Is This Any Way to Sell a ‘Razor Sharp’ Eyeliner?

Urban Decay defends image that got scorched in social

Urban Decay's promotion of its Razor Sharp eyeliner, with what it called "Razor Sharp Swatches," has drawn the ire of some of its consumers. At issue is a photo the brand tweeted of a model with color swatches on her wrist—which, given the name of the product, some saw as a reference to cutting. 

The beauty brand was inundated with complaints on social media, but has left the post up (as of this writing) and posted an explanation of the tweet. 

While using the wrist to highlight product shades is a common practice in the beauty industry, some find it hard to believe the brand team didn't see any issue with using the tactic to promote a product with this name. 

Urban Decay certainly isn't the first brand to draw criticism online for a tactless promotion. But the way it has addressed the issue shows a lack of empathy for those who have a problem with the ad. Intention doesn't matter as much as impact, and given the way people talk to brands online now, it would have been better for Urban Decay to address the matter properly instead of shrugging it off. 

Here's a look at more of the criticism:

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