Anxious economists debut giant-hamster ad

The Impossible Hamster Club, created by an economic think tank called the New Economics Foundation, is opposed to "crazy consumption and really gross domestic product," two things I fully support, because I'm a gross, crazy consumer and proud of it. The group produced the animated clip below, which shows a hamster (the advertising animal du jour) growing to freakish size and destroying the world, or something. It's a metaphor for the havoc that unchecked and supposedly unsustainable economic growth would cause. Well, in the parlance of our market-driven society: I'm not buying it. And I'll explain why. Let's say they decided to sell Impossible Hamster posters, T-shirts, plush toys, social games and all manner of merchandise, and donate the proceeds to lefty (presumably pro-hamster) causes. Would they stop at $10,000? $10 million? Admit it, hamster people: You'd let the venture grow as fast and get as bloated as possible if you could do what you wanted with the money! Shit, you'd buy yachts eventually—who wouldn't? And may I add: That's one cool hamster. Via Osocio.

—Posted by David Gianatasio