Anti-gun group positions NRA as kidnappers

Nra Stop Handgun Violence declares “We have your President & Congress” in this 250-foot-long, ransom-note-style billboard on the Mass Pike near Boston’s Fenway Park. (See a larger image here.) The hoarding has drawn fire from none other than the National Rifle Association. “It’s a shameless publicity ploy,” the NRA tells the Boston Globe. Well, duh! The NRA’s name has been “signed” on the note, a clever twist and suitably ironic, given the gun group’s tireless efforts at getting its own point across. Let me see, the NRA is pro-firearms, is that correct? I accidentally typed “IRA” instead of “NRA” a second ago. I wonder why? Seriously, though, I’m not some bleeding-heart liberal: I understand that people, not guns, kill people. Guns in no way make it easier. Excuse me while I exercise my constitutional rights and hunt moose in the subway.

—Posted by David Gianatasio