Anti-Gay Group Sued for Using Gay Couple’s Wedding Photo in Attack Ad

'Defilement of a beautiful moment'

Another day, another Republican political campaign running into copyright issues. The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing an anti-gay group—called the Public Advocate of the United States, of all things—for using a gay couple's wedding photograph without permission to attack a Colorado state senator's stance on gay marriage. "This case is about the defilement of a beautiful moment by a group known for demonizing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community," says SPLC deputy legal director Christine P. Sun. Not only was this a crappy thing to do, it belies a lack of resourcefulness. Sun is right to further point out that using the picture, which was copyrighted by photographer Kristina Hill, "was just a cheap way for Public Advocate to avoid having to pay for a stock photo," which wouldn't have been expensive or hard to find. That Public Advocate couldn't bother to do so makes them guilty of being worse at outreach and promotion than every no-budget community theater I've ever worked with, to say nothing of all the cash-strapped political organizations out there that manage to get by without stealing.