Another reason you’re not in The One Show

Now that it's done selling the naming rights to its in-house basketball court (I think Stephen Colbert won), BooneOakley turns its attention to building attendance for The One Show Festival in New York. To reach shops that might skip the event, three high-concept, print-heavy and very in-jokey ads (see them here, here and here) posit the existence of a secret society called the Ones that determines the work accepted into the show. Copy at one point notes that names like Goodby, Silverstein, Graf and Hegarty appear "year after year after year," while references to Minneapolis adman Bob Barrie in One Show annuals are so hard to find, "a NASA supercomputer burst into flames" trying to calculate his appearances. It's fairly amusing. More amusing was the infamous "leaked" One Club memo that, by some estimates, shows that the group takes in something like $800 billion in annual entry fees. They also charge $700 for an all-access festival pass. At those prices, the Ones won't do it—it's more about the Benjamins, and even larger denominations.
—Posted by David Gianatasio