Another Fashion Ad Banned Because of a Too-Skinny Model

Drop Dead images called 'socially irresponsible'

Britain's Ad Standards Authority just put the axe to a Drop Dead clothing ad because of a complaint that the model was too skinny. The ASA agreed that it was "socially irresponsible" to use a model whose bone structure is more prominent than what she's wearing. This kind of thing has been happening more and more, particularly in the U.K. Not to rag on the poor girl too much, but I hope she got paid in eclairs. A recent H&M ad (below) with a grossly underweight model did not get banned, though, despite nine complaints. My theory is that the H&M model looked so much like a mannequin that I doubt she would have much of an effect on impressionable young people. I think the evidence is on my side here.

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